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What You Need to Know About Our Custom Patches Services

How long does it take to produce the patch?

Typical production time is at your door in 3-6 weeks, providing that we have approved art work.

Can you do rush jobs?

Yes, if we have approved artwork we can rush the order in about 2 weeks. There are no guarantees and additional charges will apply. This is also dependent upon our current work queue. Contact us for details or questions regarding rush orders. (contact link will bring you to The Lunatick Fire and EMS store)

What Shipping options do you offer?

USPS Priority and Express mail, UPS full line of shipping options and FedEx Express methods (2nd day, Overnight etc ...)

Can you make lesser quantities than 50?

Yes, however a template charge will apply that will bring the charges to about the cost of 50 patches. So yes, we can print less, but it really won't save you much money. The least we will print up is 25 and it will cost almost as much as 50.

What is percent embroidery?

It is the actual stitching area of the patch. Patches with 100% embroidery have the whole patch stitched. With less than 100% the stitching is done onto a cloth backing (like embroidery on a shirt). 50% would mean 1/2 of the size of the patch is actual stitching.

If I just have a rough sketch for the design can you help?

Yes, our graphic artist can take your rough sketch an turn it into a patch ready graphic. Additional charges apply based upon the complexity of the design at the discretion of the designer. Contact our graphic designer for a free quote by clicking here.

How long will it take to do the art work?

Typically 2 weeks. However, this is more dependent on you though. The more descriptive about what you want and the more reference materials you provide will expedite this process. Also, it helps to communicate efficiently with our artist. For example, if you note things that should be changed on your design, please submit them all at once to the artist rather than, say, 5 changes 1 at a time. The more direction you provide on colors, text, and anything else related to the design, the quicker our artist can draft the design for you.

I only need 2 patches can you print up 2?

No the minimum is 50, we won't even reply to your inquiry if you ask.

Do you do reprints?

Yes, it helps us to find your design if you can include a scan of the patch in your e-mail though.