Level Lights with Non-Traditional Bracketing System

Level Lights with Non-Traditional Bracketing System
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  • Item #: LSNT100
  • Manufacturer: Light Shield Products
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: NT100
  • Flexible / impact resistant
  • Brackets heat tested @ 500° F for 2 hours
  • The unique ratcheting system allows you to customize the light's direction
  • Two 160 lumen light set combined total = 320 lumens
  • Powered by three Duracell AAA batteries (included)
  • 4.5 hour+ burn time
  • Three modes include high, low, and fast strobe
  • Leveling system can fit up to half inch carabiner
  • Dust and Waterproof
  • Non-static lights

The non-traditional bracketing system fits onto the non-traditional firefighting helmets by attaching the bracket tightly to the outside rim of your helmet.  The brackets come in packs of two and are completely reversible, so they can be used on either side of the helmet. The ratcheting system will allow you to customize the direction or directions that your light will aim. It also has two clips on each ratchet that hold your light tightly, but allow for self-removal if needed This product is so durable that it passed heat testing at 500° F for two hours. Comes with six Duracell AAA batteries.

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